Peacock Feather Bottle Stopper

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Chrome Peacock Feather Bottle Stopper


According to legend the Greek goddess Hera put “eyes” onto peacock feathers to symbolise their all-seeing knowledge and wisdom. Today, peacocks represent kindness, patience, good fortune and immortality.

If you are having a peacock theme wedding, these peacock feather wine bottle stoppers will make a lovely wedding favour.

Crafted in poly resin, the bottle stopper resembles a detailed curved feather which is embellished with a green rhintestone eye.

The base is made from stainless less, wrapped with a black rubber stopper.

4.5" long

£3.49 each - minimum order 6

Packaged in a blue box tied with a white organza ribbon with a "For You" tag.


Despatched 7 to 28 days.